Who are We ?

Our company is active in the sale of real estate in the Cantons of Geneva and Vaud.

The “Pilier de l’Immobilier” was created by Danièle Deluermoz in 1999.

With a diploma in economics, she worked as a broker in two Geneva real estate management companies before striking off on her own.

Our aspire to offer our clients a very different kind of service in the present-day market, with its stream of products and multiple networks of realtors :


The Buyer :

-           Analysis of requirements

-           Discrete and personal presentation of the property

We wish to take the time

-           to present the property’s specificities,

-           to propose a variety of possible adaptations tailored to your family needs.


We provide explanations as to the legal context (official documents, easements…)

We are prepared, if necessary, to come to you, on your lunch break, at the airport…

We take the time to assist you in :

finding the right professionals for your renovation work :

- architect ;

- specialized craftsmen ;

- qualified diagnostic technicians, if required ;

- designers.


Example : Sale of a House in Dardagny

Our buyer, Jacques G., newly arrived from Canada, was looking for a large house to bring over his family. But he had a very limited amount of time…We met him at his job and he visited the property on a Saturday. He purchased it but wished to change the bathrooms, put in wooden floors and convert the attic. But he had no time …We organized the estimates, had the work started during the Christmas Holidays and organized the cleaning.

Back from vacation, the family moved into their home.

After 3 years in Geneva, Jacques G. was relocated to New York. We sold his house for him.


The Seller :

-           Setting the appropriate price, the key to success

            Too many properties are put on the market at exorbitant prices and remain unsold for several years.

            On offer for too long, a property loses its attraction as potential buyers think that something may be wrong with it.

-           Property Enhancement

            We can arrange for a division of the property into several lots, with a view to maximizing yield and finding buyers more easily.


Example : In Confignon, we divided a 2’000m2 property into 3 lots so that the existing structure of the house had a more proportional lot and was thereafter swiftly sold.

The other 2 lots were sold to two families who were both able to see their dream of building their own home come true.